With a global team of proven game builders and Web3 veterans, Last Odyssey brings together experience from backgrounds at Rise of Kingdom, Tencent, and FunPlus. Boasting an average of 15 years in the gaming industry, we are achieving a long-term goal of creating the ultimate fun-to-play game.

Core team

Aidan - CEO & Game Producer

  • 14 years of game design experience focused on a wide variety of genres in casual and midcore

  • Previously Game Producer at Karmaverse Zombie, a web3 hybrid match 3 + SLG game built by the team who created King of Avalon and Guns of Glory at FunPlus

Alex Chong - COO

  • COO of Mugen Interactive

  • Game Producer of Last Odyssey

  • Last Odyssey Token Economy Analyst

  • 3 years of experience in token economy design and NFT investment research

  • Previously worked as a cryptocurrency analyst in a family office and a private equity fund company

Jerome Wong - CBO

  • CBO of Mugen Interactive

  • Investment banker turned crypto rainmaker, contemplated deals across stages and sectors in Asia

  • Co-founder of Everest Ventures Group

  • Previously the Principal of T-Capital and worked in the Investment Banking Division of HSBC and UBS

Jacky Cheung - Head of Operations and Management

  • 3+ Years of working experience in Web3 Project management

  • 2+ Years gaming industry experience

  • Led 2 successfully launched Web3 projects and raised over 6 Million

Romy Luo - Art Director

  • 7+ Years of game art, with projects spanning various regions worldwide

  • 2+Years experience in Gamefi, guided development and promotional art for several blockchain games

Business Development & Marketing

Oliver Harris - Head of Growth

  • 2+ Years of working experience in Web3 Project management

  • Ran key campaigns for a project, boosting users by over 50k


Hanna Sanders - Head of Community

  • 2+ years of experience in managing Discord and Twitter operations; leading community moderation

  • Held major campaigns for previous projects, increasing users by over 40k

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